Acoustic Echo Cancellation is not working with Jitsi Android App using external speaker


I am using Jitsi Android App in a Samsung Tablet with an external speaker plugged in Tablet’s headphone output 3.5mm connector. So, during jitsi call, the sound from remote person is reproduced on external speaker. The Acoustic Echo Cancellation cannot avoid the Tablet’s microphone to capture sound from remote person, and the remote person hears its own voice (echo).

How can I avoid this echo? It seems Jitsi is not using echo cancellation when using the external speaker.

Thanks in advance.


My first guess would to be to find out if other apps have this problem as well or if it’s only Jitsi that fails at this. Have you tried i.e. Hangouts / Skype / Zoom / etc? Do they do a better job?

I tested with Google Meet app and the problem persists.
Testing using different devices shown an interesting result.
With Android 9.0 the echo disappeared.
With Android 7.0 the echo still exists.