Account deletion?

How would I delete my account at, if I wanted to?

Use the “delete my account” button under “preferences”.

yeah this delete my account yearn is quoted quite often on Discourse forums yet don’t seem to appear anywhere on any Discourse forum I use and the only mention of it on the Discourse forum itself that I could find is an idea that you can ‘hide it with Css’. In fact term of services has no mention of account deletion, only of ‘stopping to use the forum’.
My suspicion is that it’s a huge bug - bordering in the scandalous - in Discourse software and you can’t delete easily an account without removing all posts. @Christian_Popescu: if you live in the EU there is something called the GDPR.

Users need to make a request to moderators for data deletion and moderators should take care of that, as users cannot delete their own account after 3 days or less old with 1 or less post.

If you do not delete the data per request from users I think you are violating GPDR.

@Ovid @gpatel-fr