Account control?

Hello everyone, I appreciate your help with the development of a form of control for the accounts, I present a problem and it is the following: when creating a meeting with username and password, the system allows me to create multiple meetings with the same account.

The goal: limit to a single meeting per account.

Thanks for the help.

Nota: have taken as a basis this help that they have given me @damencho

It’s possible to limit the connection period and the meeting room using the JWT authentication. The participant can only connect to the allowed room in the allowed period

@emrah they recommend me to install the plugin JWT token authentication Prosody plugin.

It is the first time I hear about the tonkens system, how does it work?

There are two related fields in the token:

  • exp: expiration time
  • room: allowed room

The participant uses a link something like that:

This token is valid if it’s used before the expiration time and it’s only valid for the related room. You need to generate the token manually or using a custom authentication panel

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I understand the use of tokens, although it is not what I am looking for with accounts, an alternative would be the token.

But what I am looking for is the use of accounts, I have managed to configure so that the moderator has the power to create the room, but I require that the same account that was used to enter as moderator is not used simultaneously in another meeting, I can only create one meeting.