Accidentally, still being heard in one room after entering another room

A site has several rooms, one on each of several web pages.

It could happen if a person starts on one page listing the other two pages and enters each via right clicking and clicking on “open link in new tab” or “open link in new window”, thereby, apparently, being in two jitsi rooms and at once.

Maybe it could also happen on two different web sites if a person enters one room, say room m and to leave the jitsi room on page m, rather than hang up the red phone, the person opens a new tab and uses the new tab to type in the url for room n in the address bar to enter the different jitsi room on page n. The person begins speaking in the room on page n, and, unknowingly is also still being heard in room m.

Is there a remedy with the iframe api other than:

a. reminding them to click the red phone before leaving; and

b. having the other people in the first room speak up to tell them they are still being heard in the first room?