Accidentally Broke my App.Bundle.Min.js File

I was working and had uploaded the file with an error and my editor crashed leaving me with two files with the same error. IS there somewhere I can download just this file?

It is inside the debian packages for example, you can download the deb packages, extracted and get the file.
In general, it is not a good idea to edit the bundle file. You better change the source code and rebuild the app and get the appbundle.

Thanks a million! I was trying to bypass the app screen on mobile so it could go straight to the conference on my iPhone. The Launch in Web looks fantastic and someone had posted a edit on the app.bundle.min.js but it broke my site. It is fixed now. Do you know of any method to bypass the App screen on mobile and directly open the Launch in Web view?

These two maybe

I am not sure I understand the instructions. I tries setting disabledeeplinkg to true and false and also app promo to true and false but cannot bypass app promo screen and go straight to chat on mobile. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

I want to bypass the App Promo screen and go straight to “launch in web” view

Is there a way to bypass the App promo and go straight to the Mobile/Desktop view that the “Launch in web” button triggers