Accessing same store from different prosody modules

I have a jitsi-meet running with “reservation” module working.

What I wanted to do is, added little code to that module so that the incoming info will be saved to a sql table (same as accounts, I tried different store but didnt work out under same domain “”? in mydomain.cfg.lua) and later use another module “preset.lua” under “” where I wanted to access/destroy those sql table info’s and preset the room environment (pass/subject) and apply to created room by hooking events.

But It seemed like when I was able to save data from “reservation” module the other “preset” module was unable to access/change/delete (was working when reservation module was not accessing) those info’s of same store under different domain. even as i am using sql for both account and reservation data I cant use different table …!

how can I solve this use case ? thanx in advance if someone with more experince in prosody storage module can help me implementing this or give me a right direction :heartbeat:

call external apps , send information
no use webservice , is tcp o udp send information and convert database
sid room and data conection
remeber that it is one thread

I am really sorry that I didn’t understand perfectly… can u plz elaborate a little?
are you saying it is not possible because of single threaded architecture?

capture data and send information other task

I somehow managed to access for now and will try to post in details but facing another issue.
from muc-room-created hook, I can easily set room password by calling room:set_password(pass); where pass = “1234” or anything.
but I am struggling haven’t yet able to set subject surprisingly :slight_smile:
I tried room:set_changesubject(room,true) and then room:set_subject(room,“setter_nick”,“subject_name”) but horribly failed. am I doing something silly?