Accessing Lib-Jitsi-Meet Using Angular or .NET (C#)


I am working on an application that uses Jitsi Meet and accesses it via Angular and .NET. A recent requirement has come up in which I need to find a list of meeting IDs that a particular user has and delete all of those meetings from our database. When I do, I also need to close out any active meetings that are running for that user. After some preliminary research, it seems the consensus on the best way to do this is to use lib-jitsi-meet. If this is not the case, I am open to other suggestions.

Assuming I do need to use lib-jitsi-meet, I attempted to follow this in order to get it set up:

However, I ran into issues with jQuery which does not want to work alongside Angular. However, looking through the Lib-Jitsi-Meet code on Github, it appears difficult to separate the two. I also tried to follow an example on Github provided by Drew Thompson, but could not get that working either (I kept getting errors regarding Strophe and Disco).

I have been trying almost all day to get this running in Angular and all of my attempts have failed. So, I am reaching out here to ask:
Does anyone know of a good guide for accessing lib-jitsi-meet using Angular or .NET 5?
Does anyone know of another good way to access a list of meetings by ID and kick all participants out of it?

Maybe a custom Prosody module which exposes some tiny HTTP API would be best here.

Thank you for the suggestion! I will look into that and see how I might build it. Do you have any suggestion for articles or forum questions that might help me get started with building a custom Prosody module for accessing a Jitsi Conference?

You can use the existing modules as example
There are also many prosody community modules from their website

This one has http endpoint jitsi-meet/mod_muc_census.lua at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

This is wonderful! Thank you so much for your help!