Accessing APP.conference object in Electron

Can I access the APP.conference object directly in Electron similar to the Jitsi Meet web version?

Nope, the jitsi-meet-electron uses the iframeAPI to open the instance … you can use the iframeAPI though.

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@damencho already responded, but here is a little workaround that could maybe help :

Look at an iFrame as a context.

Say you have two context in the Jitsi Electron App : TOP and IFRAME.

It’s exctly like a web jitsi that use the external API (as @damencho said)

A context is a window

You can get the APP.conference object like that :
So you can do :

const APP = window[0].APP
console.log(APP.conference.isSharingScreen) // false

You could also do it like that :

const iFrame = document.querySelector('#jitsiConferenceFrame0')
const APP = iFrame.contentWindow.APP
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