Accessibility/WCAG review on Jitsi - how to adress issues?

We have performed an accessibility review(made by professionals in the area) on Jitsi and have found quite a few issues that needs to be adressed in order make Jitsi fully compliant.

One way to adress this would be to make changes in the code ourselves/hire developers then arrange for it to be up streamed

But is there anyone already working on this already? Maybe our findings can be merged in to work already being done?

Hey there, thanks for reaching out! Please checkout the open GH issues, we do have a group of people planning to contribute in this area.

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Thanks @saghul

Found this issue, looks similar to what we are looking at:
(Starting work to improve accessibility in Jitsi Meet · Issue #12379 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub)

I placed a post

Thank you!