Accessibility of jitsi to people with disabilities

Do you have information on the accessibility of jitsi to people with such as the visually impaired ? we are currently forced to use zoom which is more suitable!

We have made improvements over time, but the situation is not ideal for all types of disabilities.

Where are we falling short? We might be able to fix some of the problems, if we know the specifics.

Godd morning everyone.
We are using Jitsi in some Groups of disabled and impaired People over a couple of Years now. We had some suggestions for improving jitsi for further use in Lockdowns and similar situations.

First we suggest pinning of two or up to four bigger “Speakers” over the list of Participants for e.g. Sign language interpreter. This would be the most requested Feature.
Second there were some Requests about better visibility of rising Hands, for example with a yellow Border around the requesting participant or a flashy Symbol in the video of him. Best would be sorting the hand raised members in chronological order in the ParticipantsList on top.
Would be great to hear if this is possible.

Maybe we could raise some Money for supporting this development.

Greetings and stay healthy

Welcome to the forum.

If I understand you correctly, you’re saying instead of having one participant in Stage view (Speaker), have a few. If so, I believe something similar is in the pipeline - have more than one large thumbnail and others remain in smaller thumbnails.

I think this exists already. Raised hands are sorted in chronological order. Have you tested it on lately?

Hi, Freddie
Thanks for the warm welcome and the fast reply.
Yeah, first point is right. We apreciate if two or up to four Speakers could be bigger pinned above the auditory for some sort of conference. Especially the deaf People in our community requests this for Sign language interpreter. Would be great if this become possible :wink:
and second i will check this with the raised hands immediatly and report back. Sadly i haven´t used jitsi since end of december :slight_smile:
Thanks and stay healthy

…and checked. Yeah. There are yellow hands raising :slight_smile: And the last one has an yellow border. Great. One point checked :wink: really good work …


:shushing_face: it is

wonderful message :cowboy_hat_face: