Accessability for blind and visually impared persons

While looking for a video conferencing tool for our members with a rest of sight and the possibility of dialing in by phone, I came across Jitsi. I’ve tried a few tools with blind members on both the desktop with screen reader and the iPhone with voiceover. It is not a problem that someone joins a Jitsi session via the link. But all functions that are activated with icons at the bottom cannot be found. I.e. apparently that there are no labels. The advanced settings are also not available.
Wouldn’t it be great if Jitsi were also barrier-free? We would be willing to participate in a project. Or is there already planning?
Please contact me if you want people to test what you programmed.
Regards Karen


I agree !

See :

Consider subscribing, perhaps even contirbuting directly on some of the issues reported.

As our local club can’t have our monthly meetings anymore because of covid-19 regulations we were looking at “virtual meetings”. Jitsi seems to be the way to go but since we have 2 visually impaired members we are struggling to get them to join.
It would be nice if Jitsi was made a bit more “white stick friendly”. It seems, for now, nothing is “viewable” by the screenreader.