Access to JitsiConference component from JitsiMeetExternalAPI?

I’m trying to integrate Jitsi into my website. I have a working test using JitsiMeetExternalAPI, and all of that functionality is great. I don’t want to reimplement all of that. It does exactly what I need.

But I also want to be able to pass signals to other participants through the WebRTC or XMPP (or other?) channels that Jitsi establishes for the rest of my website’s content. It seems like JitsiConference’s sendEndpointMessage(to, payload) would do what I want, but I don’t see how to access JitsiConference’s methods from an instance of JitsiMeetExternalAPI.

I also see that JitsiMeetExternalAPI has an executeCommand(‘sendEndpointTextMessage’), which doesn’t appear to do what I expect.

I assume this is a fairly common request, but my searching hasn’t turned up anything promising. If JitsiConference isn’t the way to go, I’m open to other suggestions.


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