Access to individual voice tracks

Hi everyone, iam working on a platform for my masters degree that manages meetings for that i need access to individual tracks for each participant, because of covid i can’t preform real life tests using multiple microphones, so i been searching for a platform that mimics as much as possible my scenario. Jitsi looks really promising, is there a way were i can get the individual sound tracks for each participant? What i tried was a RTMP server were i live stream the meeting but i realise that only one track is available. If its possible what is the easiest way to do it? Creating my own meeting platform is not the idea of the dissertation.

Thanks in advance

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Yes, you can use the “Local Recording” feature to get a high quality audio recording of each participant. Check out this link for more information -

Thanks for the quick response,
So let me see if i understood, since i want to do live processing of audio the only way is to record the audio from every participant and then make some kind of live stream of that audio. Not exactly what i wanted, but it can be a plan b.
If i deploy a local jitsi server can i access the audio individually? And if yes how hard is it?

So JVB is an SFU, it only routes packets and does not have access to decoded data. So that’s why the client which receives all the media and decodes it to play it.