Access to custom URL parameters

Hi Folks,

I’m trying to pass some custom options to self-hosted jitsi-meet instance (to set specific room names, user roles, etc…)

I know that it can be done via“someparameter”&config.parameter2=“someanotherparameter”

But I’m fully confused how to access those parameters as config object does not contain those custom parameters.

Or maybe I should add those parameters default values in config.js file to be able to access them in config object.

I will appreciate any hints as I’ve found no information about it anywhere.

The parameters you pass through URL are predefined. Check out this post - [How to] How to customize meeting options

Thank you for your answer! I’ve already seen post you’ve suggested. But I need to pass more data to my jitsi-meet server to use it for api call (userId, for example).

Is there any way to do that?

You need to whitelist them first in features/base/config

Thank you! That works!

You need to whitelist them first in features/base/config

Hi, what is this, a file? a path in the config object?
I’m trying to send custom URL parameters, using the docker version.