Access the whiteboard before starting the Jitsi call for preparing a drawing

is there any configuration I might use in order to be able to access the whiteboard before starting the call? I would like to prepare a (possibly complex) drawing, then share it during the call and complete it with help from all participants.

Thank you,

Considering a meeting does not exist until the first person joins, I don’t see how this is possible. The Whiteboard integration allows you to start the Whiteboard once inside a Jitsi meeting.

I was thinking the very same, but then I though that this whiteboard is a fork from an external and standalone project, so it might have some other interesting options too.

You can probably build it to do what you need, but there’s no inbuilt configuration option in Jitsi to give you that option right now.

Hello, how to get the link of the whiteboard? Just in case I would to modify after the meeting Thanks