About use by smartphone browser

I have Jitsi deployed on AWS. Thank you for the wonderful product.

I would like to use this product to support an unspecified number of users working in the factory. To that end, I would like to allow users to send me out-camera videos using their smartphone browser.

Due to the security policy requirements of the terminal, the application (apk) cannot be used.

When I access the Jitsi meeting URL in Chrome from a smartphone running Android, it is locked in the in-camera.

I want to use it with an out-camera, is there a way to solve this problem?

Thanx in advance for any answer or logical input.

We have recently added a “toggle camera” button on the mobile UI. It’s not yet on any stable release, but if you deploy the unstable one you should see it there.

Thank you for your great advice. I deployed the unstable version and confirmed that it worked as expected.

Please tell me some to minimize the number of user operations.

The other party uses Jitsi meet on the out-camera of the smartphone. (A video call will be made between the Windows PC and the smartphone.)

When the smartphone camera is enabled, the user will have to switch back from the in-camera to the out-camera. Is there a way to omit that operation? (I want to use the out-camera by default.)

Also, when the user accesses the URL of the meeting, they will be given the choice of using the application (APK) or starting the call in the browser. We also use Jitsi meet only in the browser on smartphones, so we would like to disable this question page. Is there a way to disable this question and redirect to the meeting room immediately?

I don’t think so. Unless you used it once and left the camera like that. We’ll continue using the previous camera.

Yes, you can append #config.disableDeepLinking=true to the URL and the web will open immediately.

Thank you for your advice.
Using disableDeepLinking worked fine.

On the other hand, we have not been able to solve the problem of making the out-camera the default. I would like to use Jitsi to support factory equipment, but this would require the user to switch from in-camera to out-camera, which is a hassle.

I want to solve this problem on the system side because I want to minimize the user effort. I would appreciate any advice.

Is that factory equipment consistent hardware wise? That is, do they all have the same camera?

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, there are various smartphone models owned by factory staff…

I’m afraid the only possibility here would be to modify the code :-/