About the sound quality of local Recording

I am very happy that the local recording (video) function has been implemented.
When I tried recording immediately, the recording was completed correctly.

When you watch the downloaded video, the recorded user’s voice sounds clear. However, the voices of other participants seem to be echoing. In this state, the conversation cannot be understood.

Is this a known issue?
Is there any solution?

In addition, the environment is the same as I tried with Chrome / Edge of Windows 10. Both use the latest stable version.

Looking at github, the other day there was an article about adding beta display to the local recording feature. For this reason, I also think that this function may still be an experimental function.

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Maybe try with headphones? Since local recording is capturing your local screen, if there’s no echo cancellation, it will capture it as well. Try with headphones and see if there’s any difference.

When we tried it, we were using headphones (bluetooth).
Does that comment mean that echoes usually don’t occur?

Maybe my way of communicating was bad.
I said it echoes, but the same sounds don’t overlap over and over again.
It’s difficult to express, but the sound is like echoing in a narrow tunnel or bathroom.

It sounds like it might be something to do with your setup. Although I haven’t tested Local Recording myself, I’m certain other people would have complained if they’re experiencing this. Plus I’m certain the team wouldn’t deploy it (even for testing) with such an obvious issue. Maybe try it on another computer and see if your experience is different.

If others are okay, it may be my problem. However, even if I try it on some machines, the situation does not change.

It may not be possible to solve it, but I will upload the actual recorded file.

Since the webm format cannot be uploaded, the format is changed to txt.

In the first place, we are not English speakers. Perhaps this level of sound quality is acceptable for English-speaking conversations.

test_rec.txt (621.1 KB)

@designet-inc did you find any solution i have same issue