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You need to enter domain name to access your deployment, not the https address of it.


I just went over the process again by re-installing Jitsi and only using the IP address since setting up FQDN is optional. I did not get any error messages but now when I access it, I only see grey screen and says interfaceConfig not defined.

Hi. How to enable this module in the standard default installation?

Just joined and confused about where to post so sorry if this is in the wrong discussion.
We want to use Jitsi Meet for our group so two of us tried it out using Mac and Linux with both Firefox & Chrome - everything works perfectly. We have found that Win 10 also works perfectly but only if fully up to date and with the Chrome version of Edge.

Win 8.1 is a different story. Firefox - fine, Chrome & Chrome Edge freeze after clicking OK to share microphone and camera. IE just says to use Chrome.

Is there a know fix to get Chrome & Edge working correctly as these are most in use by many in our group.
Many thanks for any help.

Has someone been successful to install Jitsi on any Linux distro (deb based)? I have not and I would be strongly grateful if you could share how you did it.

We all install it on GNU/Linux distros, mostly Ubuntu or Debian. Here is the installation documentation: https://jitsi.github.io/handbook/docs/devops-guide/devops-guide-quickstart

Hi all,
I’m new here.
I wanna install jitsi in Centos7 and customize.
How to do ?
Thank u for advance.

I think you guys couldn’t make it more complex than already it is. The worst open source project i have ever seen.

is there any guide to see the installation process on windows? or is better with linux