About rtcstatsendpoint url

In order to enable rtcstats one needs to provide a endpoint url.In the config file of Jitsi-meet url is provided using web socket.I want to ask that can we use http instead of wss.If possible how can I achieve it .

No answer here, wevsocket is what is currently used. You can take a look at rtcstats server and client and see whether you can implement it with something else.

You really want to use websocket, the rtcstats event rate can get quite high, the overhead of making an HTTP request for each one would be too much.

Is there any rtcstats server exists?If exists please tell something that I can learn .

After running this application on my system,It’s asking for AWS SDK.I don’t want to use AWS SDK.Then please tell how can it be possible without AWS SDK?Oherwise provide any solution .

Well, you asked for an example of an rtcstats server, and believe that’s what is being used by the Jitsi team behind the scenes. And it needs credentials for AWS/Amplitude because that’s where they push data to.

You can fork it and modify to suit your needs, or use it as a reference and build your own.

It is unlikely you will find an existing implementation that does exactly what you need (which I presume is to publish to Kafka). If you do end up writing your own, perhaps share it so others can benefit too :wink:

I am getting this output on console.Not able to solve errors.

I don’t want to publish my stats on aws.Please tell me what configurations do I need to change .I want to run this repository on my local machine.

The server project linked above is an example of an implementation and it happens to write to AWS. I don’t think you can’t just “change a config” to make it do what you want. You will have to modify the code, or write your own server.

There is not separate module for AWS that I can remove?