About programming a conference

is it possible to program a conference for a especific day?, for example monday 4th of july at 13:00 pm, and keep the link for future meetings? If so, how can i do it?

I’m not sure I am understanding your use case.

A room is created when you open it. So if you decide your room is meet.jit.si/KilerchisVerySpecialRoom, and send everyone the invitation with that in it, when they go there on the day, the room will be created for you.

You can use that link to create a room as many times as you want.

If, however, someone is already using that room for their own meeting, you’d need to create a different room. So make sure the room that the URL / room name that you pick is something that no-one else is likely to have picked. (That’s why there is a random room name generator on the front page.)