About jitsi-meet can only create a recording instance solution

Sorry, I do n’t speak English, so I can only use google to translate my suggestions, please understand if there is anything that is unclear.
On jibri, it uses ffmpeg to obtain the x11 interface to record and live broadcast, which leads to one jibri can only create one recording instance.
My idea is to start chrome (puppteer or selenium, etc.) through automation, then get the content of the current tab page and the sound of the tab page through chrome extension, get the blob data through MediaRecorder, and then pass it to the server, and then record through ffmpeg Or live.
I have realized the specific implementation, but due to company reasons, I can not share the source code, sorry. This processing method may be a test of server performance. I have not tested the number of concurrent events, but it is possible to create multiple recording and live instances.