About certification


I am researching jitsi and the reference scheme is jitsi-meet-docker. I have some questions about the authentication mechanism and I want to get inspiration from you. I noticed that jitsi has its own account mechanism, and I want to know about this mechanism.

  1. Is it necessary to provide an account password each time a new room is created (including a PC that has already created a room, I mean the client that has just authenticated the account,which open a new room)?
  2. Can I configure the database for the account mechanism or let the server use one of my databases?
  3. Can the same account be used by multiple clients at the same time?
    4.What is the authentication of JWT, and are they the same authentication mechanism? I noticed that there is a setting for jwt tokens in jitsi-meet-API.


Nope, I think current implementation is that once you authenticate in the browser you can create multiple rooms on that deployment.

We are using prosody and it supports multiple authenticate backends: https://prosody.im/doc/authentication checkout and the community modules: https://modules.prosody.im/type_auth.html


Well, jwt is supposed to be generated and provided by another app service. In the case of embedding jitsi-meet in another product. So basically to authenticate users which are already authenticated in another system.