About Central Authentication Service (CAS) Integration

Hi community,
I’ve installed Jitsi on a server running Ubuntu 18.04. I’ve installed and configured so the host must enter username and password before allowed to create the conference. But in my case, there are multiple user that can be a host. I have a centralize authentication CAS server and I want to integrate Jitsi with CAS so users can be authenticated via CAS.
Do you have any idea or tutorial to do that?
Thank you!!

Hi there!

I have no idea if that can be done, but I can give you a pointer on where to start looking: Prosody authentication. We use Prosody as the XMPP server and use its authentication, so if you can integrate CAS as an authentication provider for Prosody you should be all set.

We use prosody as xmpp server, the documentation you followed is using prosody internal authentication, if you are able to integrate your authentication server with prosody you can use it with jitsi-meet: https://prosody.im/doc/authentication