Ability to search for YouTube videos by wording+URL / Suggestion

Hello there, i am new to Jitsi and am in love with the setup so far other than one particular part. The YouTube Player. I am using the browser version of the Jitsi Meet group video chat on Google Chrome. I noticed that it wouldn’t play a video upon entering a URL, also i was hoping there is a way i could implement a suggestion or possibly ability to do it myself, changing how the YouTube player works. So this way users can simply enter a letter or name or words/numbers, etc in order to find desired video. As well as having option to search for them by URL. I am not fresh with coding at all and would much rather for now just use the already implemented online/browser version but if there is any ways of fixing this by my hands or yours, that would be really great! :smiley: and look forward to using this in future times and eventually learning code again hopefully to be able to do more for us all. Havefun and hope to hear from ya soon. Thanks in advance!
(any info i lack that you may need, feel free to let me know and i will provide it as possible.)