Ability for a single moderator to define the password


Thanks to the entire Jitsi development team, because it’s a nice, open platform and I find its security features very good.

This time, I suggest adding the ability for only the moderator to maintain control over the password. That is, only the person who creates the room has the privilege to change or delete it.

I suggest this, because when using the platform, some users who have joined the room have not been careful and have deleted the password, therefore, the security of it is lost. As an alternative, in the pre-meeting screen you can add the function to define an exclusive moderator or leave it for any user to take this role during the meeting.

Thanks for your attention. successes!

I suspect you are referring here to meet.jit.si which is a public and anonymous environment and as such everyone in the meeting is a moderator. If you want to use meet.jit.si in a more controlled manner you can use https://moderated.jitsi.net to have a moderator link and guest links.

This is already the case.

This is exactly the default behavior when you install jitsi-meet, the first one that joins is a moderator and the rest are guest, if the moderator disconnects or reloads a new moderator is elected. If you want more control over that you can enable authentication on your deployment. Even more flexibility you can get if you enable jwt tokens and embed jitsi-meet deployment in your app.