A strange jitsi fellow ghost in room

Hello people. I have a question, and it’s about an unknown “Jitsi fellow” that appears suddenly in the room, sometimes happens and sometimes not. Sometimes has happened when we use the breakout rooms and leave the main room without participants. So please can you give me some information about this unknown jitsi fellow? Is it a random real user from jitsi checking the rooms? Is it our bad internet connection ?. Thanks for your time. Have a nice debugging

Is this your own server or meet.jit.si?

hi emrah, is an own server with a custom domain

If all your users have a name then you will not see Fellow Jitster as a name.

Did you check the browser console log?

I check the console log, but nothing weird or red. This fellow jitser, appears and disappears after a few seconds. All the room keeps working normally with the jiser fellow or without the jitser fellow

Do you have an authentication enabled?

No, we don’t use the token authentication, just uniques room names

If room names are predictable then anybody can join your session