A Rare (but Annoying) Problem - Participant says Jitsi won't Allow him to Unmute Microphone

Hi Everyone:

I conduct 3-4 conference calls a day, and Jitsi Meet works like a charm.

Occasionally - and it happened again this morning - a Participant comes on the call with his mike muted. He can hear me, but I can’t hear him.

I normally text the Participant in the chat box to unmute his mike. And I suggest he jump off the meeting link, and come back on, but make sure he follows the instructions to “allow” use of his microphone.

That normally works, but this morning the Participant came back on the Link after jumping off, and texted me that Jitsi wouldn’t let him unmute his mike.

He asked me what to do - and I didn’t know what to tell him to do. It ended up he remained unmuted thru the meeting, which was a bit of a “downer”.

Question: What could have caused this problem. And what should I tell a Participant to do the next time this happens.



Is this a meeting on meet.jit.si or on your own setup?

What about the participant environment? OS, browser, etc.

Did the participant try a private browse session?


Yes, it was a meeting on meet.jit.si.

I am not a developer - just a small businessman.

I need to know the questions to ask, so if it happens again I can help the Participant.

So I take it, I should ask is he using computer or mobile phone - OS or Android,

What is his browser. I don’t know what is meant by a private browse session.



Incognito window in Chrome or Private window in Firefox. While in this mode, the participant is not affected by cache issues.

This Participant was just using regular browsers.


What Emrah suggested is if/when there is a similar issue, the participant to join the meeting through a private browser session - “incognito window” in Chrome/Chromium or “private window” in Firefox.

When using such window, no cache, history or any explicit camera/mic permissions that you have earlier granted in the “normal” window will be used - this way the browser will be almost like a fresh and clean new install. Then a new camera.mic permissions dialog should open and the participant should have no issues with camera and mic.

If the private window works ok, that means that there is something wrong or misconfigured in the main browser account - the microphone permissions, or maybe some extensions are blocking the normal operation of Jitsi, etc.

Next time you have such issue, you can instruct the user to try the private/incognito window and see if all works ok there.


I understand now.

An interesting solution.