A PSTN Caller also joining via Web/Desktop: Disable audio on PC?

Hi everyone, quick question…

We often have participants that (for whatever reason) want to dial in from their phones, for audio purposes, but then would also like to join the web meeting in order to see screenshare content.

Its easy enough to get jitsi to start people muted, but in this scenario we also need to ask phone callers to turn down/mute the output volume on their computers to prevent feedback.

Is there an existing mechanism in Jitsi Meet that lets a web participant effectively disable receiving audio from the conference entirely, so they can safely dial in from a mobile phone and not get audio feedback loops?

You can do that https://meet.jit.si/myroom#config.startSilent=true

Interesting! Thank you!

Would it be possible to put a button in the toolbar to toggle audio ON without having to re-join the room? I’m wondering if there’s some toggles I can add that would let it reconnect itself a little more seamlessly?

Not at the moment.