A Projekt with joomla

Is it possible ?
I want to integrate jitsi in Joomla. Every Joomla user should be able to start their own live stream via a button. To do this, Joomla should read the username etc. and add the Lonk. That goes so far.
Here is a list of what I would like:

  1. Match Joomla users
    2.Create your own streams
  2. Other users should be able to request to join a meeting from a possible list of streams on the Jitsi server, this also via a button.
  3. That means I would have to build a module that shows which meetings/streams are currently live.
  4. Smileys. I would like to be able to expand this section myself with my own pictures and sounds. Maybe even animated GIF.
  5. By clicking on the screen or with the mouse in the image, likes for this meeting event should be generated.
  6. The stream should be shareable with fellow Joomla users…
  7. In the best case, you should be able to scroll through ongoing streams of meetings as a viewer.
    What do you think, what is feasible from it?
    Greetings from Cologne

Yep, it is possible.
You can integrate it using the iframe API

You can use custom module like this prosody-plugins/event_sync at main · jitsi-contrib/prosody-plugins · GitHub in your deployment to report existing conferences so you can list them.

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can you help me with it? I´ve never work with API before i´m absolut beginner.
If you want , i give you the admin where you need it…

The problerm with the user link that they can open a live is ready !
Now i need a module for joomla that shows all live streams/meeting on my server.
And i need a re-link that user can make a guest request and the streamer can replay this request.