A problem with sharescreen black

I have a problem with using jitsi meeting,when I using sharescreen.
sharescreen works well,when 3+ device using.
But the screen share would be break with black screen
and the log shows:

lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=5818:2 WebSocket connection to ‘wss://localhost:8443/colibri-ws/’ failed:
_initWebSocket @ lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=5818:2
t @ lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=5818:2
lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=5818:2 2022-07-25T05:23:51.888Z [modules/RTC/BridgeChannel.js] <WebSocket.e.onclose>: Channel closed by server

Looks like colibri websocket is not configured correctly. Can you share your nginx config?

I used the docker-jm