A peer IP 10.0.0.x denied in the range:

Is it normal and expected that a TURN server shows a lot of messages like that in the log?

I ask because I have the TURN server and the videobridges in the same internal network (10.0.0.x) and sometimes the IP address in the log is precisely the IP of one of the videobridges in my setup.

Does this mean that the TURN server is trying to communicate with the videobridge using the internal network? (not the public IP address).

Would be such thing allowed/possible/desirable? (If so, how?)


TURN tries to connect using all possible IPs. One of them is the local IP but this doesn’t mean it will not try to connect using the public IP.

If you allow the private IP or the private IP block, someone can access your internal network through TURN and this is not a good thing for security. It’s better to use the public IP but maybe needed some rules on the firewall/router.