A new way to share audio, use chat and a possible bug

I’d like to suggest:

  1. that sharing WITH AUDIO can also be used sharing ONLY the application, for example, a media player. Now, to share audio, I need to share all my screen. Why would this suggestion be a good feature? Because it is really relevant for language teachers and sharing all the screen goes against our privacy. I just want the audio or video being played. Maybe, an option to share just that, the audio, without the screen or, as I suggest, the media player application only.

  2. Likewise, the work with the chat area could be improved. The idea is to make available editing (bold, italics, strike-through), and delete message. Once more, as tools for teaching. I suggest to uses two keys before and after the group of words to be formated:
    italics, bold, --strike-through–.

  3. The chat SHOULDN’T stay in front of the cameras, blocking the view of the other person, even being transparent, but adjust to the screen, resizing the cameras.

  4. The cameras could be moved around by dragging them, such as the software Whereby does, changing their order.

  5. Yesterday, I was on a call with one friend. He could disable my mic. We were testing some features. Only the host should have this options to control the group.

The software is great!

Marcos Daniel