A Jitsi API that works like OpenTok, Agora, Twilio etc?

First off, hats off to the Jitsi team!!! Being able to stand up scalable Jitsi Meet conferences during the past year of the pandemic has been nothing short of amazing!

For my latest endeavor (integrating real time chat into an existing audio studio app) I first attempted to build “down” by creating a scaled back version of the Jitsi Meet, then attempted to build “up” starting with the react-native webrtc / libjitsimeet… After months of trying, I came close - but ultimately failed and gave up after trying to modify the 15gb mobile webrtc to send custom audio data into the JVB.

My “dream situation” would be an api connected to JVB that works exactly like OpenTok… by providing a simple set of api calls to the server to create rooms and register participants, with a set of delegate callbacks to receive back native views, real time connection info, audio buffers, etc, into a custom UI. (This could also be used with JAAS for a new turnkey style alternative to these services)

Is any work to develop something like this underway, open source or otherwise? I would gladly contribute or test in any way that I could!

We currently have no plans to work on such low level API. lib-jitsi-meet is the lowest level API we currently support.