A few requests

I scaled my jitsi browser window to fit in the corner of my capture screen and the name tag goes over their faces
I had to find the ccs and use a html addon to modify it to hide it… would be nice in settings to turn off and on

also the name of room show on the capture window is
a security risk… needs a option for custom name on screen
or disable in settings as well

again I had to use ccs hack to modify it in browsers.

I use bravev

Merry xmas from NZ

thanks… I see they shorten the commands…
however I dont see hide or alter room name at the top?

and can we turn back on audio vol bar in 3 dots of each user again with a commandline?

well they add those in the desktop chrome ver settings. as ticks? as I looked there… cheers

Hiding subject or setting a custom subject does this.

This is available as default in my setup which is the latest stable.

not on mine or others using it on win 10 desktop and brave/chromium and chrome

they want to turn me down… and I want to turn them down… well some of them.

do I have to enable mod… even though I made the room

I mean this

thanks you that pop out was blank… I found I had filtter element and now see it… that one is solved now… cheers

as for the flags… i got it to work like this so i misunderstood your Lnumbers I thought they were shorturl method

https:// meet.jit.si/-replaceroomnamehere-#config.hideDisplayName=true

anyhow it removes it from big window and the side bit… but I think my ccs mode removing only on the display not control panel is better…

again it should be like volume per person… where tick to have on or not…

cheers Paul

You can try this option if you want to remove the display name only on the large video but not in the filmstrip:

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