A european provider to install and deploy Jitsi meet server for my small company

Hi Jitsi team,
I’m looking for a provider that can provide a Jitsi meet Server for my company. Ideally, It would be in charge of the installation and setting with a dedicated TURN Server or any other system that can pass through our firewall. No skills inside my company to manage that and I desperately look for a dedicated company skilled in Jitsi installation and management.
Kind regards

Not sure if this fullfills your needs,
but this tutorial seems nice.
It uses Hetzner cloud services.

Andy Salay

We can do this. We are just working on better implementation of their docker images.

Here is a Provider from Austria which uses Jitsi: https://www.fairkom.eu/en/fairmeeting
I have just tried the ‘free’ space, without an account.