A couple of observations regarding accessibility for the blind


first of all thanks for putting the hard work into Jitsi that all of you do. To make a great video conferencing solution even better I have gethered some observations while using Jitsi while relying on a screenreader.

Please do see that as constructive criticism. My Setup is as follows:

  • Latest Jitsi (by the time of writing this)
  • Windows 11 Computer with NVDA and JAWS as Screenreaders.
  • Chrome Browser

Things I have noticed:

  • Keyboard-Shortcuts stop working after one has moved using a Screenreader. They start woring again if any menu is opened and closed with the Escape-Key - But only as long as no interaction with the Screenreader has been performed in the mean time.
  • The Status of the microphone is unclear. It is spoken to me as “Mute/Unmute activated”
  • When changing from mute to unmute or the other wa around there is no feedback if that worked. A small sound would go a long way there.
  • Notifications are sometimes spoken. When they are, I have to move the focus of the Screenreader manually back to where I wanted it to be. A better way to use notifications would be to follow ARIA-Best-Practices.
  • It appears that everything regarding user-permissions inside of a meeting is inaccessible.

All but the last bullet should be relatively easy to fix. And every fix would go a long way for uers of assistive technology.
I will gladly share more insghts to help further.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this and thanks for helping making Jitsi moer accessible.


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