8x8 Video Meetings enables End-To-End Encryption without setting chrome://flags/

If I go to the following URL and create a meeting:

… They have End-To-End Encryption enabled without configuring Chrome. (as in this url: How to enable menu end to end encryption (beta)?)

Is it possible to have End-To-End Encryption without configuring the browser?

Yes, we had enabled the field trial for meet.jit.si and 8x8.vc.

I am perfectly ok with it but am just trying to cover my bases.

So if we have Jitsi on our own server, we CANNOT work around having to configure the browser, correct?

You can add it on your server

VERY helpful… but in layman’s terms can we implement this and have it automatically show up in our Jitsi deploiyment, or no?

NOTE: IF the user has old versions of Chrome for example, are they going to be blocked out from viewing the conference?

No, we are talking here only for end2end encryption which is available in chrome 83 and up.
If a participant with older browser enters a conference with end2end encryption enabled as this feature is missing there he/she will not be able to decrypt so the conference will be unusable …