8x8: The rooms must be defined in the namespace of your tenant

The 8x8 documentation says: * The rooms must be defined in the namespace of your tenant.
So the roomName field in the iframe player is componsed of the tenant Id and the room id that comes from the namespace of the tenant.

My question is what is the namespace of the tenant? How do I define rooms in this namespace? I couldn’t find a place in the developer console where such rooms are created.

If you have link https://meet.jit.si/sometenant/roomname then sometenant is the tenant

This weird. It doesn’t seem to work. The only thing that works is what is listed in the developer console as API key. It is composed with tenant name and then a slash and a small string.

This is the only string that works. I tried changing the last part of that tenant API key (roomname) in various combinations. Nothing worked other that the string provided by the developer console.

Thats working with Firefox and other browser but in Jitsi app flutter its not working
it replaces the tenant url to null and host the meeting on jitsi main or 8x8.

I have the 8x8 pro plan.