8x8 outages?

Hi all,

Have had some frequent connection issues with 8x8 earlier this week. For example were getting api call failures (9/12 from 2:30PM-3:30PM EST) net::ERR_failed 200. Anyone else have these issues? Trying to figure out if there was an outage or some other issue.


You can always check here: https://status.8x8.com/

With regard to api calls, could you clarify which calls you mean? Were the issues with a specific endpoint or multiple? If you can, please share the endpoints that seemed affected to you (URL minus anything after the ‘?’).

There was an extended outage on 9/8 that affected call recordings that’s documented on the status page that @saghul linked to. There may have been other API impacts during that time. There was also a short blip in the middle of that outage that affected video service in the eastern United States for around a minute.