8x8 Advertisement on Jitsi demo server

After leaving a meeting on the Jitsi demo server, my guests get a page at this address:


The page greets them with an advertisement which urges them to buy an 8x8 account. This is not only offensive but also confusing. (If guests click the link on the page, they get what I consider insults.)

Is there any way to avoid this? Or would 8x8 consider an alternative of this type:

If you are interested in hosting 
your own video conference meetings, 
click here to find out about 8x8.


That IMHO would be acceptable, as long as clicking “here” led simply to an accurate description of 8x8 services. As it stands, the presentation reminds me of people I met in college who went around horny because they did things like grabbing for the tits too quick.