80+ users video conference

I organize every week video-conferences with more than 70 users.
Many people have to speak to the others. I stream video and audio through the screen sharing feature.
We use all possible devices (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, etc) which makes it quite complex to organize. They all use Chrome browser or Jitsi Meet app. I personally runs it from my iMac.
Usually it runs quite smoothly but sometimes streaming video/audio is choppy / stuttering.
To avoid connectivity issues:

  • How many users can join a conference ?
  • Are there any requirements to allow connection by so many users ?
    Iā€™m not an IT expert, but like to experiment. Thanks !
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I assume you want to use meet.jit.si not a self-hosted instance?
There is a hard cap on 75 users per conference on the public site.
And while 75 users is usually not an issue for the jitsi infrastructure, lower end devices like smartphones struggle with pulling that many data streams and displaying the UI with that many users. I found after 30 users it gets sluggish on my pc.

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