4k 30fps p2p?


Hi guys,

Do you know if any of the Webrtc codecs in jitsi support 4k for p2p?

VP8? (doubt it)
AV1? (presumably yes, but not available yet as we know)

Also on a similar note is there somewhere I can find info or a chart on the performance of each codec, speeds and compute specs required? for p2p and SFU calls?

e.g. H264 P2P 1080p 30fps = requires 2mb up / 2mb down. Minimum spec 7th gen i7 etc etc.



And when I say compute Im referring to the local participants computers rather than central JVB’s servers.


You are asking for clients, where clients are the browsers chrome or firefox. Search over the internet about these measurements or comparisons for webrtc and browsers, we do not have such information.