403 Forbidden on download.jitsi.org

trying to view

yields: 403 Forbidden nginx/1.18.0
This seems to apply to all .changes files
Downloading the corresponding .deb works.

Is this expected behavior?


That has never been accessible. Why do you need that?
Where did you find the link, as it is broken … should be jibri_8.0-118-g8aad0a2-1_all.changes?

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I wanted to have a look at what has changed the last few days.

That has never been accessible

What’s the point in providing files that cannot be read?


I see, I will drop them. Thanks for the report.

You can check here: jitsi-meet-release-notes/CHANGELOG-WEB.md at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet-release-notes · GitHub

Ah, that is not a feature that nginx supports … will take a look later.

Thanks for the link, damencho!
However, the latest info is from 2022-10-06. I was looking for changes in the nightly builds.


If you are looking for changes in nightly builds, github is your friend.
If you are looking at jibri.

The g there is coming for git, you drop it and get the hash.
And you do: Comparing 51fe7a2...260cee3 · jitsi/jibri · GitHub

Thank you! I am not very familiar with Github.