3d Avatar functionality -

Hi not sure if this exists but i would like the ability to display a 3d avatar either by calling another products API or ideally to have it natively … not everyone wants to see me first thing in the morning and a 3d avatar which can duplicate my expressions would be ideal …any thoughts help advice would be well received

Hi Graeme. Welcome to the Jitsi community.

I noticed that you’ve just asked a very similar question a few days ago. Rather than posting a duplicate thread, a better way to get attention would be to update the original post with more details or post a follow-up message to the same thread. Both would bump the thread to the main page and hopefully get the attention of the community.

To answer your question, you should be able to use any product that generates a Virtual Camera with live 3D avatar stream. You can then choose that virtual camera rather than your Webcam when joining a Jitsi meet.

An example of such a product might be Loomie Live. I have never tried it and therefore cannot recommended it over any other, but from the Installation & Use video on their site, it looks possible. The video shows usage with MS Teams as an example, but I don’t see a reason why you can’t do the same with Jitsi.

Apologies - i must have had a senior moment as i forgot that i actually posted the original …please forgive my lack of etiquette and thanks for the answer. If we could keep this one open, i’d aslo like to ask if its possible to hardcode the camera option e.g only show loomie live as a camera option i.e I only want the user to have an Avitar option, so the product needs to force that if possible
Sorry once again for the slip up

I’m afraid that is not possible by default with Jitsi Meet. In fact, this is the opposite of what is generally desirable which is to make the product as accessible as possible to users and support all video devices, be it physical or virtual.

While it may be technically possible to modify Jitsi Meet source to filter out all but the desired virtual device, this seems rather impractical for end users. It’s no different from limiting the app to only accept video for a specific type of webcam.

Usability wise, if you really need a 3D-avatar-only video conferencing product, you’d want to integrate it all into a single cohesive app. There may be 3D avatar products out there that offer SDKs for integration, and you can use the low level Jitsi API to implement the video conferencing bit. This is however a huge undertaking.

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