3 way audio/video calls are failing in docker-jitsi-meet

I Have set up Ubuntu 18.04 as docker container on Linux server

git clone https://github.com/jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet
here the change made in .env file
commented the JVB_STUN_SERVERS.

all the server are up with latest images .

the p2p connection seems to be fine , with no issues , as the third participant joins there is no audio/video

Checked all the forums related to this topic , but with no help

I have added this in .jitsi.conf/jvb/sip.communication.properties


This issue has been puzzling me from past 2 days , Can you please help me with this

Here are my logs

prasody.log (13.9 KB) jvb.log (197.5 KB) jicofo.log (87.3 KB) browser_console.log (102.0 KB)