24/7 tag team event I need help with a 24hr background


So I’ve set up a meeting for a tag team event 24/7. I set myself as the only moderator so far. Anyhow, I need there to be a background image when I’m not online for others to read the instructions etc. I can’t figure out how to make one stick. How do I do it when I’m not there? It’s all very last minute and working on a design properly at the moment on photoshop but need simple instructions until then.

I’ve already sent out the link and password to a lot of people yesterday. So I can’t change that.

Is this your own Jitsi server or meet.jit.si or something else?

What do you mean by “I need there to be a background image”?
You can keep a browser tab open and share another browser tab which contains the instructions using the screen-sharing feature.


Thank you so much for getting back to me so promptly.

Yes, I saw there’s a screen share option. Yet in my absence, I can’t be there or use my laptop for 168 hours, I’d love there to be a backdrop to the page. I guess like you have a when you’re there and you can put an image/instructions behind you, but set up the image for 24/7 in my absence.

Best Wishes,


Hi Hannah,

AFAIK there is no such a feature. You may create a temporary instance on a cloud provider and you can join the meeting room through it to share the instruction.


Ok. Thank you for letting me know. I’ll think of a way around it.

All the best,