2 problems: Both browser fails, Explorer and Firefox

1.) Microsoft’s browser will not load the buddymeet/jitsi plugin I have installed on the GROUPS page. What can I do?

2.) The jitsi link to eight.auth0.com (where I can make jitsi-hosting paid/branded with my own buddypress/buddymeet config) is corrupted and says "Firefox has blocked this content because the page refused the …THE BROWSER?) Something like that. Has anyone had the same page content rejection problem on Firefox?? I’m sure the jitsi page wouldn’t “block” a browser. Can anyone assist? Thanks.

Are cookies on for those browsers?

That is a good suggestion! Let me go check.
Thanks very much.

It is still happening, the blocking stuff. Here is the message:
“Firefox prevented this page from loading in this way because the page has a content security policy that disallows it.”

I went to allow all cookies. Even specifically allowed the eight.auth0.com page. Still no success.

What can I do now?
Thanks for your help.