2 Participants + 1000 Spectators

Hey folks,

My company is looking for a way to play out a real-time conversation between two people to dozens of viewers. The viewers (spectators) should not be connected with their own audio or video. Instead, they should be able to communicate via chat messages with the two phone participants. For the implementation we want to rely on web technologies. The realization of the chat overlay is already completed and runs on our own infrastructure.

The choice of technologies for the realization of video conferences is enormous, so it is difficult for us to gather insights here at the moment.

Hence my question if such a use case can be well realized by Jitsi. Is there any experience with the playout of video conversations from two participants to several hundred viewers? What technical challenges might stand in the way? How effective is the implementation with Jitsi?

We would be very happy to receive hints, help and advice!

Thank you very much!

We are working on big conferences, but your case is something we recommend using livestreaming. So you have a server where two participants are in a meeting and the meeting is livestreamed to YouTube or any other rtmp service where the rest of viewers can be millions …
You can try this scenario on meet.jit.si

Thanks @damencho for the quick response. I will take a look at Jitsi Meet and give some feedback after an in-detail look :slight_smile: