2 instance (VMs) of jitsi running behind one public IP, no video in the second instance

I am running 2 different instance of jitsi behind 1 public because of 2 different domain name. First instance works for obvious reasons with 443 --> 443 and udp on 10000. The second instance is 4432 --> 443 and UDP on 15000.

The second instance doesn’t show any videos, What I am missing on the second instance? I even added org.jitsi.videobridge.TCP_HARVESTER_PORT=443 and org.jitsi.videobridge.TCP_HARVESTER_MAPPED_PORT=:4432
in the /etc/jitsi/videobridge/sip-communicator.properties

Are there more settings i need to do?

Thank you in advance,

Damian, do you have any advise on this?