1on1-Talks within Group-Chats

Here is the situation:

You are in a group-chat with 10+ people.
You have a side question to one specific person.
You don’t want to interrupt the group-chat.
You think the question isn’t relevant for all participants or maybe just private.

Here is the idea:

You click on the video-tile of that one specific person.
You thereby invite the person to a short 1on1-talk.
Your and your chosen partners video-tile get a colored frame (both in same color of course) that indicates to the rest that you are in a private situation.
You can choose the sound-mix: 1on1 sound only / 1on1 as main sound, group-chat-sound in the background.

Others can’t hear your private talk.
Others see that you are in a 1one1 and thereby know that you might not pay attention.
Others can “knock” and ask to join the 1on1 situation or ask you to end it.

Here is the result:

May it be a private or a work chat – conversations get the chance to feel more natural. In a “friends at a table”- or “colleagues in a meeting room”-situation I can easily just talk to the person sitting next to me. In an online-meeting, only one person can talk at a time.
1one1-Talks within Group-Chats would change that. This way, before asking “Did anybody get what Paul was saying? To me this makes no sense!” one can invite Sarah to a 1one1 while Paul is still talking and ask “Sarah, do you get what Paul is trying to explain? Am I to stupid or does this make no sense?”.